Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Never a dull moment

Hey All,

I am posting a couple days late due to the horrendous schedule I have had the last 10 days. Four tests last week and a State AANA meeting all weekend. This week I have two more tests. Pedal to the metal. Jackie takes her insurance test this friday. After that she will be able to do auto and property insurance. We had an impressive storm move through Sunday night and I snapped a few photos. I am still trying to figure out the best settings for my camera. We will have plenty more opportunities to snap photos of storms I am sure. I hope all is well with my friends and family back in Washington. Homesickness is starting to set in a little, but time is also flying by. Take care everyone.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

I'm Mooning you

Hey All,
Just another fun week of school and work. Jackie is starting to do her own quotes now and is asking less questions of her boss. She is really enjoying her job and she has become a big asset to the agency. I only had one test last week, but I have three tests this next week. This weekend has been a lot of studying. We did take a break yesterday and went down to the Taste of South Dakota down at Falls Park with our new friends Mike, Laura and their two little girls. It was alright. I had an Indian Taco and it was pretty good. Jackie wasn't hungary so she just had some lemonade. We forgot our camera, Darn. We had a full moon at the start of the week and on Thursday it rose a bright blood red color. It is the reddest I have ever seen it without a bunch of smoke in the air. We thought we were looking at a huge fire, but realized it was just the moon. The pictures are a little fuzzy (I couldn't find a rest for the camera with the long exposure), but I think they do it justice. I hope all is well back in Washington. Take care.

Moon on fire

A little too much shake and light

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Ho Hum

Hello All,

We had a good week here. Jackie is getting more comfortable with her job. Her boss was out of the office all day Friday and she took care of everything without any problems. She is so smart. I had four tests this last week. I did extremely well on three out of four (the three toughest) and alright on the last one. The standards for school are much higher in this program. In order to pass you have to get at least an 85% (undergrad was only 72.5%). I only have one test this coming week, so this is a much more relaxing weekend. The weather here has gotten pretty gray with the leftovers from the Hurricane moving up the Mid-west. We like the cool temps (mid 60's) but the humidity is in the 80's. Wind sustains at 20 mph with some pretty serious gusts. Hope all is well with everyone.

Rainy Days

Braving the elements to take care of business.

Sunday, September 7, 2008


This last weekend we got out a little bit and did some exploring. There are a lot of little water oasises out in the middle of nowhere. We were driving along and saw a sign for Arrowhead park and went to check it out. The pond is in the middle of a huge piece of flat farmland without any clues that it would be there. We also tried to find the dog park for Lucky to run around, but had no luck. We did find the bike trail that circles the entire city. Our exploring was cut short by the unbearable weather (90 degrees with 85% humitity). The weather has cooled down dramatically since then. No big thunder storms to take pictures of (darn). Other then our exploring, it was a pretty boring week. Jackie has settled in nicely to her job. She is learning new things about the insurance business every day. I had two tests last week and got 100% on both. Easy tests though. This week I have three tests and my stress levels is steadily increasing. Our health is good and we are just grinding out the weeks until we can get back to our family and friends. Hope you enjoy our recent pictures.

Arrowhead park

Waterfowl are happy for this odd oasis

Jackie and lucky dog on a bike trail bridge.

Big Sioux River (nobody swims in it for obvious reasons)