Saturday, December 13, 2008

1 Semester down, 2 to go.


I had my last final yesterday. I had a total of 6 finals last week in 4 classes. I did well on each and I earned a 4.0 this semester. There was a lot of information to know (this is the stack of all the lecture notes- 6 slides a page, 2 reems of paper). Winter here has set in. Not a lot of snow, about 2 inches, but it isn't going to melt anytime soon since we are averaging temps in the low 20's. It is always windy. The temps with the wind chill have been single digits or negative. We have adjusted, but lucky pretty much hates life right now. We are decorating right now and I will post some more pictures next week. I am headed to Council Bluffs, Iowa for a week of clinical. I am excited, but nervous. Jackie is doing well with her job. We miss everyone and wish we could be around for the holidays. Take care and we are thinking of you all. B & J

Done studying, time for a drink.