Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Water Fun

Hey All,

This spring Jackie and I bought a new camera and it can take video and pictures underwater. We went to the YMCA and tried it out last weekend and here are some of the results. There aren't any videos of me swimming because it looks like I am drowning and I don't want anyone to get worried. I don't coordinate my stroke very well so I look like a paraplegic when I swim. All arms and no legs or vice versa. I am working on my stroke though, so hopefully I will look like at least a minnow in the future.

I have no problem sinking, so here is me at the bottom of the pool hanging out.

Say Cheese, blub, blub, blub

Such a good swimmer, and a crack-up

Saturday, April 4, 2009

April Showers bring May.....icicles

Hey All,
I was looking at my last post from march and I thought that spring was just around the corner, well obviously I was wrong. Here we are around the corner and halfway down the straight away and South Dakota had a blizzard warning every day last week. Mitchell, which is about 55 miles away had 12 inches of snow thursday and some parts of the state have gotten 18 inches. I guess this is the norm around here. It sounds like we aren't the only ones since Washington has been hit with winter weather this last week also. Things here are still good. School is winding down and I am still doing well. I have been spending a lot of time on my thesis and have it a little over half done. Jackie is still grinding out the days at the insurance agency. She is pretty bored with her job, but I appreciate her going to work every day. The winter and school was pretty hard on my weight. We joined the YMCA in mid January and have been getting back in shape. I was about 210 pounds but now I am back down to 186, which is about 10 pounds lighter then when I left in August. My goal is 180. No pictures of me in my banana hammock, I don't want anyone to go blind. Working out has been a great way to deal with stress and stay healthy. We hope all is well with everyone back home. Miss you lots. B & J.