Saturday, November 8, 2008

Winter's here

Hey All,
Winter blew in with a vengeance. It went from mid 70's on monday (right), to mid 20's with a constant 25 mph wind on friday. We got a little snow on thursday night (about an inch) and the wind was at 30-35 mph the entire time it was snowing. I guess this is the norm around here and no one seems suprised. Things here are good. Jackie did her first full quote-sign up process friday and impressed her boss who was stranded in Rapid City (they got over 2 feet of snow there with 50 mph winds). I had a huge physiology test this last week, the toughest yet, and scored a 105% (there were three extra credit questions). Got lucky. We miss everyone and are counting down the days until coming home. Take care everyone.

No more coffee in the morning on the deck.

It is way colder then it looks.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween Fun

Hey All,

I just realized I haven't posted all of October. The month flew by as Jackie was busy with work and I was swamped by school. Jackie is almost at full speed with her job, very little stumps her anymore. I am still doing well and I am glad that the curriculum has changed from a review of systems to more of an anesthesia focus. We bought pumpkins late this year so we didn't have a great selection to choose from. I made a fishbowl out of mine and Jackie's was made to scare all the little kids away. We had a few trick or treaters here. The weather has been very nice lately (low 70's with NO WIND). Next week looks ugly, but tis the season. We are looking forward to going home for Thanksgiving. We really enjoyed my parents visit in the middle of October. We hope all is well with our family and friends. Take care.

Me and my new fish. No need to feed these.

Jackie and her pumpkin, Scary huh.

Mike and Laura's little girls (Mike goes to school with me and lives in the same apartment complex). Cute little butterflies.

Mom and Dad where here for her birthday. Hope the video works.