Thursday, February 19, 2009

Still Hibernating

Hey All,
Things here are good. Life is pretty routine and uneventful (Hence the lack of posts). February has been very mild with temps in the 30's and the wind is rarely above 15 mph. Some brave ballooners hit the skies a couple weekends ago when the winds were lite. If they would have gone up in January they would have froze to death and wouldn't have hit ground until Maine. School is going well. We have at least a 50 point "quiz" everyday in pharmacology which is getting old, but I have been doing well on them and it is important to learn since drugs are what my career will revolve around. Jackie is still working at the insurance agency and the days are pretty long for her. Thank you everyone for all the cards and birthday wishes. It was very nice knowing everyone back home was thinking of us while we are so far away. We hope all is well with everyone and that the winter hasn't been too hard on you all. Take care. B & J.

Thanks again for all the cards.

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